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Intentional Teaching

“This program has been implemented to teach children to “learn and experience positive social and emotional well-being”.

There are 5 Foundations that young children need to develop in order to be successful and happy. These are called: CONFIDENCE, PERSISTENCE, ORGANISATION, GETTING ALONG and EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE.” Reference- You Can Do It Program– founder Michael E Bernard.

Intentional teaching helps children develop skills and understanding of what it looks and sounds like to be confident, get along, to be resilient, organized and to persist. The program uses puppet characters to help children interact and learn about each of these foundations.

Our experiences and feedback from children and families indicate that this program provides children with skills and understanding that they use every day to develop social and emotional skills. It is very evident in our program that this learning provides us with the language and expectations that support our entire kindergarten community.



One of our major teaching strategies for the kinder year is implementing the RULER APPROACH.  The Ruler approach is an evidence based program developed at Yale by Marc Brackett to promote emotional intelligence. The basic goals of the RULER approach are as follows:

R: Recognizing emotions in oneself and others
U: Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
L: Labeling the full range of emotions using a rich vocabulary
E: Expressing emotions appropriately in different contexts
R: Regulating emotions effectively to foster healthy relationships and achieve goals