Our Programs

Our kindergarten programs are designed to:

  • Develop children’s emotional and social skills.

  • Engage each child as an effective learner

  • Promote communication, learning and thinking

  • Build positive relationships

  • Enhance identity

All children are in a kindergarten program in the year prior to school entry. Participation in a kindergarten program gives parents/guardians and families the opportunity to be part of a community focused on children’s wellbeing.

The kindergarten program also provides a place for parents or guardians to get to know other families and to share their experiences and information with early childhood professionals.

Gross & Fine Motor Development

Our Centre values an environment that allows children lots of opportunities to work on their fine and gross motor skills to help them gain strength and confidence in their body. We believe that exercise and physical activity are important for a healthy lifestyle. We also believe developing a child's gross motor skills helps children grow their ability to undertake more complex skills in future activities like sports.