Pre Kinder Program - 3 Year Old Program

Contact Number for 3 Year Old Kindergarten – Mobile 0498 509 735




Our 3 Year Old Kindergarten program will be evolving as we learn about each other and our Eaglehawk Primary School site until our site back at Golden Square Kindergarten is complete and we can move back to 45 Panton Street in Golden Square.

We will be looking at providing a program that will meet the individual children and the group. We understand that children require routines and these will develop as we get to know each other.

Arrival – children are greeted and bags are placed in lockers. Children will wash their hands and have free indoor/outdoor play.


We will generally have indoor/outdoor play. Activities provided will vary in difficulty, subject, content and materials throughout the year.  At the Eaglehawk site we have a small area that is fenced in around the building so we can use this area when the school is accessing their yard.


We will have small groups for stories, dancing, music, etc inside and outside. We will set up a daily obstacle course that children will complete at least one time during their session.

Individual and Small group activities are also planned and implemented.  Children will also participate in packing up and putting away materials.



 Our program will depend on the children, the weather, the activities, interests etc.  Some variations may include:

· Times will vary depending on the activities and the children.

· Small group activities will occur indoors and out, some are planned and some are spontaneous and result from a child’s interest (Adult and Children).

Some children may not be ready to join groups. Every child is unique and we will be planning accordingly.



Our program is based upon the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). This includes the five learning outcomes-Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication.

We plan our activities according to the children’s interests and developmental needs. The activities provided are not only developmentally appropriate and cater for individual development they also include all areas of development, eg. Cognitive, language, gross/fine motor and self-help/independence.

By providing the various resources we are also encouraging exploration and promoting learning in Literacy and Numeracy, STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Our focus is the “whole child”. Intentional teaching occurs to ensure children learn new skills and acquire safety knowledge.


Some activities include:

*Home Corner *Puzzles   *Library   *Construction /Manipulative sets  *Blocks *Playdough / Clay  *iPads & Computers  *Painting / Drawing  *Cutting / Pasting  * Sand, mud and water play *Digging patch  *Climbing frames  *Obstacle course   *Dramatic play *Large block   construction *Woodwork *Gardening *Balls  *Swings  *Jumping boards *Parachute  *Cooking  *card/ board games  *Craft  *Music and dance  *Numeracy and  Literacy *Science and Technology  *Small groups (music, story drama, movement)  *Extra activities – Excursions & Incursions



We rely on the generosity of the Community for materials that can be used in our creative areas, etc eg. Please collect paper, ribbon, corks, buttons, coloured paper, wool and natural materials to be used in displays etc


Children can only have one year of three year old kindergarten and then they will move on to the four year old program.

In the four year old program only children who have significant delays in at least two areas may be considered for a second year of kindergarten. Immaturity will not be considered so please think carefully about what age your child begins Kindergarten if they are young.

Please discuss options with your child’s teacher.


At the Eaglehawk Site educators will be on site-:                                                                          

Monday– 11.00– 6.00   Tuesday –7.30-4.00   Wednesday 7.30-6.00

Thursday—7.30-2.30    Friday– NOT ON SITE

To contact educators teaching the three year old program our phone number is 0498 509 735 or you can contact us via email and we invite you to join the Class Dojo App. 


We are really looking forward to implementing our Preschool Program and we will all be learning from each other. It will be a learning journey for all of us and communication is the major component to implementing a successful program. We look forward to meeting you and your family, especially your preschool child.


Carol O’Bree and Belinda Appleby



Please note this is subject to change in 2023.

We are now taking enrolments for 2023, go to the enrolment page and download an enrolment form today. 

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