Sessional Kindergarten & Sessional Kindergarten Plus Care

Starting in 2018 we have new Group Programs to enrol in these will continue on in 2019. See our 2019 Timetable for a breakdown of these groups.

These programs are Sessional Kindergarten, of which you enrol through Loddon Mallee Preschool Association, and Sessional Kindergarten Plus Care which is our long day kindergarten which you enrol through us direct at Golden Square Kindergarten.

Sessional Kindergarten – (Enrol through LMPA)

Koala Group – Monday & Thursday 8.30-4pm

Sessional Kindergarten Plus Care – (Enrol through Golden Square Kindergarten)

Echidnas Group – Tuesday & Wednesday 7.30-6.00pm.

Emu’s Group – Tuesday & Friday 7.30am-6.00pm.

Wombats Group – Wednesday & Friday 7.30-6.00pm.

Why should I choose the long day care kindergarten program?


In 1993 Golden Square Kindergarten families requested that we implement sessions that catered for working families. The children of these parents had been attending the same crèche since birth and they felt that they would benefit from attending a new setting with new equipment, new staff, new peers and new expectations.

In 1994 we had 12 children participate in our long-day program. Due to our community’s need we now provide long-day kindergarten to our families.


Our Sessional Kindergarten plus care program provides families who have work or study commitments with an opportunity that meets their needs as well as the needs of their children.

Compared to a creche environment, the Golden Square Kindergarten long-day offers:

  • Large rooms and gardens
  • Equipment and resources which are all geared to four and five year olds. (Unlike crèches where resources must be purchased for children aged 0 to 5 years).
    These resources provide new challenges and choices to extend on children’s skills and interests.
  • Double staff/educator ratios.
    We have one teacher, one diploma and two assistants in short day sessions, two teachers one diploma and four assistants on long days. This increased staffing provides more opportunities for individual and group programming, Including: music, technology, arts & crafts, safety programs, environmental programs, daily obstacle course, You can Do It program, the RULER Approach, personal safety program,  indigenous education and experience of other cultures from around the world.