We treasure the energy, excitement wonder and smiles we see in the children’s faces and delight in their everyday interaction with our program. We are also grateful for the many letters and expression of thanks we receive from parents.

Some testimonials are provided below:

Last year Zachary really enjoyed his time spent at Golden Square kinder. He made a lot of new friends and he also had a good time with the teachers. Zach loved the singing, playground, painting and playing with all of his friends. Karl and I appreciate the time and effort that you all spent with Zach. Thankyou and may 2016 be filled with happiness for you all, Amanda Baumann (Possum 2015)

My daughter and our entire family loved everything about GSK. Everyday brought something new, exciting, creative and fun for the children, whilst building great friendships. The teachers are outstanding, they go above and beyond alI year round. I even had a wonderful time on the committee and made friends myself! Lauren (Wombats 2015)

Chloe was so well prepared for school thanks to her wonderful year at kinder that the transition has been an effortless and enjoyable experience, as it was for my other two daughters who also attended golden square kinder.  It was a sad day to say goodbye to all the wonderful staff and know that our kinder days were over. Thankyou everyone. Emma Floreani (Wombats 2015)

We could not have been happier with our childs experience at Golden Square Kindergarten! The Kinder year is so special and so important and we saw incredible development in our child from the very first weeks he attended. The staff are incredible and work really hard at getting to know all of the children, and helping them to learn about and explore the world around them. Our son thoroughly enjoyed his time at Golden Square Kindergarten, made lots of friends, and still asks to go and play there! We highly recommend it to everyone we know and plan to send all of our other children along too!” Thanks, Leonie (Wombats 2015)

Golden Square Kinder is simply the best start a pre-schooler can have for their education journey. We have had two children attend kindergarten at Golden Square Kinder and they have LOVED it!  We still have one child to go (almost kinder age) and we are very much looking forward to their kinder year. The child:educator ratios are excellent and the educators are incredibly caring and engaging. Golden Square Kinder’s inspiring and diverse programming and their focus on nurturing emotional intelligence provides our kids with a very high level of pre-schooling and a learning environment that I feel is currently un-matched in Bendigo. Sally Ann (Wombat Group 2015)

We have two girls in our family and both attended Golden Square Kinder (GSK) our eldest in 2013 and our youngest in 2015. Initially we enrolled with GSK because firstly our friends highly recommended attending as their two children had attended in previous years and secondly because GSK offered long day programs being Wombats Group, which made our work schedules a lot more flexible. Our whole family animals included all got involved with GSK we absolutely loved our time together with the teachers other families, the facility and general program. Both our children looked forward to attending each and every Wednesday and Friday and did not want to come home when we went to pick them up.

Our family very much enjoyed reading the daily diary and talked with our children about who was there, what they learnt and how they went about each project, discussion or excursion or incursion.

GSK teaches the kids to be independent young people making the transition to  school a lot less stressful for them, what they didn’t learn at GSK in one year you will never need in a life time such a broad program.

We wish GSK goodbye with many fond memories and hope their wonderful staff continue all they do for other families to have the same. Tania & Ian Randall (Wombats 2015)

“I sent my twins to Golden Square Kindergarten because one of them is quite crafty and interested in writing while the other is a real outdoors person. I have been thrilled with the quality of education they have received at GSK this year. They have developed a love of learning through the interactive processes the kinder uses to engage the children’s interests. They go to kinder with enthusiasm each day and come home full of stories and questions, which is enhanced through wonderful communication the staff provide to the parents about each and every session through emails.

The children have learnt life skills such as getting along, having confidence, healthy eating, road and pet safety as well as studying music, dinosaurs, Indians and Aboriginals, cooking, people from other countries and outer space to name a few. They have also been able to develop beginning literacy, numeracy and IT skills through letterland and other related activities such as use of ipads.

I believe my children have been well prepared for school next year and could not be happier with the year they have had thanks to GSK and the wonderful, nurturing staff that work there”.

Narelle Hoskin (Mother of Nean and Dara – 2013)

“My child has had a really positive year at Golden Square Kinder. I have been to six other kinders with my other children over the years, but I have to say that Golden Square is a complete stand out! The most brilliant thing about it is the quality and number of staff and the way the program which embraces and extends each child, builds positive concepts about diversity, promotes healthy living, develops musical awareness and actively promote literacy and numeracy. The staff are incredibly passionate educationalists, they feed ideas and skills from each other and to top it off, they are all very engaging and friendly. The environment of the kinder strongly promotes creativity, constructive and outdoor play – the perfect place in which to posit young children who are developing lifelong skills and capabilities”.   

Belinda O’Sullivan (Mother of Matilda O’Sullivan – 2013)

Our daughter loved her Golden Square Kinder year and we were thrilled with the broad program and how the staff we able to fit so much in to the year. The teachers are amazing, and very talented. The kindergarten has an outstanding range of resources and ideas to stimulate curious young minds.
Kevin de Vries and Lesley Fabian (parents of Anna – 2012)