Supporting children with additional needs

Golden Square Kindergarten is an inclusive kindergarten that understands that the world is made up of diverse individuals who have a range of skills, abilities and understandings. We appreciate the values, similarities and differences of each child and see each child as a whole.  We work together in a partnership with all families, support services and professionals to ensure all children are able to participate in daily routines and experiences.

Facilitating inclusion

At Golden Square Kindergarten we will work together with families and support agencies to actively support the inclusion of a child with an additional need. The daily program will be based on all the information and observations that are used to develop each child’s individual/group learning plans.

We will use communication systems that best suit each child and their family. We will set up a daily communication book (that go backwards and forwards between home and the kinder), emails, discussions and support meetings (to develop individual support plans).

We know that:

  • Parents provide valuable information to the kindergarten teacher about their child’s strengths, interests and needs.
  • Support agencies and professionals, have information about the learning styles, development needs, and management strategies that support a child’s access, participation and learning at kindergarten as well as home.
  • Kindergarten teachers have knowledge and skills about the way kindergarten programs and environments can be structured, modified and adapted to support the learning, participation and safety of each child
  • Kindergarten Assistants all have their own knowledge, training and experiences and are skilled in supporting teachers to implement programs to meet the learning, participation and safety needs of children, and evaluate how effective they have been.
  • By working together we are best able to plan for the child’s learning, participation and safety at kindergarten.

We use many strategies and equipment to support children’s inclusion including lots of visuals aids including charts, timers and technology including interactive TV, iPods and iPads. Equipment and experiences will be modified to adapt to children’s needs and learning styles.

Many children have sensory needs that families and educators will consider when planning for children, (spinning chairs, air cushions, quiet areas, fiddle toys, chew toys etc.)

Staff ratios

We have high staff ratios with a minimum of one teacher and three assistants to 30 children in the sessional kinder program. We have a minimum of three teachers and five assistants to 45 children in the long day program. If a child is eligible for KISS funding there may be an additional training, materials or a support worker.

Kindergarten transition

We encourage families to contact us as soon as possible so they can complete their kinder application. Will our centre meet you and your child’s needs? Come and visit, come to information nights.

You can visit as often as you like with your child and we will try to arrange for your child to have some sessions in last term so that they may become familiar with our centre and educators. It also helps educators plan for your child needs.

School readiness and transition

Staff will actively observe, plan and evaluate the children for skills and knowledge necessary for a smooth transition to formal schooling. Staff will liaise with parents/guardians, support agencies and schools about the child’s development and readiness for transition to school. Decisions will need to be made early in the kindergarten year so the appropriate paperwork and applications for funding can begin.