Literacy and numeracy


At Golden Square Kindergarten we immerse children in literacy throughout the program. Children begin the year “signing in” (writing their name- many will begin with invented writing and by the end of the year they can write their names) to demonstrate that literacy has a purpose. Writing materials (pens, paper, writing pads, diaries) are found in our role play spaces. Maps, newspapers, magazines, books for fact and fiction are present at many experiences. Children enjoy group and individual story telling activities.

Use of props and acting out familiar stories enhance these experiences as we encourage children to recall text, preempt text and discuss illustrations, text and characters.

We view children as literate as they begin to notice words, signs and numerals in the environment.

Recording information eg. scoring, using pictographs or using pretend writing (with or without recognizable letters) is encouraged. Educators are often asked to write words for children to copy or to write the words of their stories or messages to put in letters that they place in each other’s postboxes at kinder.

We also visit Letterland to meet each of the letter characters over twenty-seven weeks. (One letter a week plus one week for The Vowel Men) Each letter character helps children learn about the letter name and sound it makes. Then we associate the letter of the week with words that begin with that sound/letter.)

Families become involved in this experiences by helping children find something to bring into kinder each week to go in the Letterland bin that children then share with the group.

Children are involved in rhyming, clapping syllables and looking for and identifying letters in every day encounters.

As educators we recognize the importance of providing children with literacy enriched experiences and how this leads onto enjoying print in the future.