Five cent coin

Community involvement

“From birth, children live and learn with others in their families, early childhood settings and local communities. Children’s connectedness with different ways of belonging to people, country and communities help them to learn ways of being, reflecting the values, traditions and practices of their families and communities.” – Outcome 2: Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Flat Stanley

After reading the story , “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown we took photos of all the children and made them flat.  Now families are sending the flat kinder child to friends and families across Australia and overseas.

Flat Stanley has also been travelling with people we know on their adventures overseas including to America with Carol. It was suggested that Carol leave Flat Stanley’s all around America with our address on the back to see if anyone emailed us back.

We receive photos, letters, postcards and posters at kinder sharing their adventures. We are finding out about how people live in different cultures. What the climate is like, what they like to eat, where they live, what they like to do and lots of interesting facts.

It is very exciting to receive mail at kinder and we can then share it with our group.

Donna places flags on our map of the world to show where we have been.

5 cents campaign

In 2012 we began to collect 5cents to raise money to buy ipads for families in our community who had children or teenagers on the autism spectrum who were not able to fund their own ipads.

We were able to purchase six  ipads to present . (Jacqui Righetti who organizes Turn a Life Around Campaign put us in contact with these families. )

This year in 2013 we have continued to collect  five cents . The Wombat group decided to use this to fund the purchase of a back door ramp that allows our volunteer Sam to access the back door in his wheel chair.

2014 This year we used our money to support the Baker Family Trust and the 3BO Christmas Toy Appeal.

Golden Square  has been the recipient of the communities generosity on many occasions  so we are really happy to be giving back to help make a difference in others lives.

Smiles for miles

We are currently participating in this program that will educate children and families about  Healthy Teeth. This program is being provided through an initiative of the City of Greater Bendigo.

2015 Concert – Donation of $750 to Righteous Pups

At our 2015 Christmas Concert we used our 5 cents to donate to the Righteous pups to support them to keep providing a wonderful service providing Autism Assistance Dogs to enter into schools with families of children on the ASD spectrum.